At Delta Cup, we think every lady in the final of a champ-level event deserves a floral bouquet. So we sourced out a quality florist and came across Corrine Johnstone, the owner of The Flower Shop in the Village located in Ladner Village.

Wendy and I have traveled to many competitions over the years. A fair number of the larger ones have floral bouquets for the championship-level events, but it’s inconsistent. We’ve seen some significant events with no bouquets in sight anywhere. And even when they do offer these bouquets, it is often only the winner or maybe the top 3 ladies who receive them, not every finalist lady. Of course, we understand that it’s expensive to provide these, especially for a large competition with many high-level events. But we think it’s one of those things that’s just the right thing to do.

Delta Cup 2015 bouquetWhen we began looking for a floral sponsor we wanted a company that offers high quality and was located within Delta. The Flower Shop in the Village meets both of these requirements. Owner Corrine Johnstone is a classy lady with very high standards of excellence. Working with a team of equally talented and passionate staff, this florist stands out from the crowd in numerous ways. They don’t just provide typical choices but really work hard to create something unique. We were impressed by how they took real care in working in the color scheme and character of Delta Cup in the bouquets they put together in 2015, our first year (shown here). We were equally impressed by the high quality of the flowers, which lasted a surprisingly long time after the event was over. Each year, they delivered more than three dozen quality bouquets to our event on time, all of them exquisite.

This year, with the addition of NDCC BC Championship events, our floral requirements got even larger, with a need for almost 100 bouquets! Corrine and her team have met the challenge gracefully and without missing a step. We are deeply grateful for their involvement and so proud of having such a high quality vendor providing these floral arrangements for Delta Cup.

The Flower Shop in the Village is the rebranding of a shop that had been around for some time. Corrine Johnstone, who also runs Winning Promotional Products, struck up a conversation a few years ago with the (former) owner of Ladner Village Floral and Gifts. The woman mentioned that she was thinking of selling the flower side of the business. Corrine went home and thought this seemed like the perfect fit for her skills and interests.

Corrine Johnstone“I’ve always wanted a store front,” she explains, “and I’ve always wanted to be located in Ladner Village. I thought it was the perfect opportunity.” Johnstone took over the store on April 1 last year and changed the name to The Flower Shop in the Village. “I’m bringing it right back to the classic flower shop concept,” she adds.

Inspired by European flower shops, the bright store in the heart of Ladner Village is filled with colourful blossoms of all kinds, including locally grown orchids, as well as houseplants and planters. The store also carries some garden accessories, as well as extra trinkets that can be added to any arrangement.

Corrine Johnstone and her team at The Flower Shop in the Village“I kept the same amazing floral designers that were here before, Alicja and Barb,” Johnstone says, adding that The Flower Shop can cater to any occasion and will custom make bouquets tailored to a customer’s needs. All three take great pride in how they take care of both the flowers and their customers. Flowers are bought at auction at least twice a week and are meticulously cleaned and prepped before being stored at the proper temperature. Shown above are Alicja, Corrine and Heather.

Corrine explains that “Flowers tend to last a lot longer when you take care of them properly in the beginning.”

The Flower Shop in the Village is located at 5050 48th Avenue. For more information call 604-946-8018 or visit the website.

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