For our fifth anniversary year, Delta Cup is moving to a summertime schedule. 2019 dates are July 20-21. You’ll get to enjoy this beautiful part of the world at its very best, making the competition more enjoyable than ever before!

Why the change?

Our event has traditionally taken place on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in October. Using a holiday weekend was great for several reasons. But the October long weekend brought some challenges as well. For one thing, Thanksgiving meant people being unable to attend because they were enjoying time with their families. Another issue has been the uncomfortable nearness to SnowBall Classic. We understand that most competitors are on a tight budget and it isn’t fair to expect people to pay entry fees and tickets for two local competitions just three weeks apart as happened last year. So we were already wondering if a different date would better suit the dance community.

For 2019, Seattle Star Ball, which has taken place in mid-summer for over 20 years, moved to a new date of October 4-6. Obviously it was now time to make a change.

We get a huge amount of support from nearby Seattle, and structure our event to support our friends from across the border as much as possible. For example, we offer American Smooth and Rhythm events in amateur categories, which is unusual at Canadian competitions. For 22 years Seattle has enjoyed a competition in mid-summer and this year there won’t be one. So it made sense to move our schedule to the summer.

We looked at other events on both sides of the border to pick the perfect date. July 20-21 weekend was unencumbered by any major competitions on the west coast. This date is just ahead of International Grand Ball in San Francisco so Delta Cup can serve as a nice warmup event for people attending that competition. It is two weeks ahead of Empire State and three weeks ahead of CanAm DanceSport Gala in Toronto, so it can serve as a warmup event for those large Eastern-based competitions. The weekend is three weeks ahead of the German Open and Nevada Star Ball and a full month before the Canadian Closed Championships.

For 22 years Seattle has enjoyed a competition in mid-summer and this year there won’t be one. So it made a huge amount of sense to move our schedule to the summer.

Not only will summer offer a great time to hold our event, it’s the best possible time to experience everything the Greater Vancouver area has to offer! Stay for a few extra days and take in the spectacular natural surroundings and activities open to you at this time of year. We feel great about the new date and have had very positive support from everyone who has heard about our new date.

For 2019 we have two of Canada’s top professional couples lined up to perform professional showcases. Learn more about them here. We’ll have the usual great weekend of activities with an outstanding team of adjudicators.

Delta Cup was thrilled to win the Delta Chamber of Commerce Hats Off to Excellence Award last year for Special Event Excellence.

Hope to see you at Delta Cup 2019!

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