A big thank you goes out to Andy and Wendy Wong, icons in the local dance community, for their gracious Sponsorship support of Delta Cup 2019.

Sponsors offer vital support for the event, helping to cover the huge cost of bringing in high quality judges and showcase performers, allowing us to reduce the cost of competitor entry fees and ticket prices.

Andy and Wendy, icons in the local dance community, have a special place in our hearts. As owners of the Grand Ballroom, they introduced us to the wonderful world of ballroom dancing when we were still beginners attending group classes. They have always provided a spirit of support and cooperation, working to unite the entire Greater Vancouver dance community. We always felt at home at the Grand Ballroom, which was Canada’s largest ballroom dance studio until Andy and Wendy retired from studio ownership at the end of 2013.

In 2016, Andy and Wendy were the recipients of the inaugural BC Legends of Dance award to recognize the huge role they have played in the dance community of this province.

They graciously mentored Wendy and I for years when we became authorized to teach under the amateur teaching rules and then continued that support even after we turned professional. We learned a great deal about how to teach beginners from Andy’s excellent insights and skills, and continue to turn to him for advice even today.

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