If you are a ballroom dance competitor, you likely noticed the request for a “unique RIN ID.” This is a new identification number required by the o2cm registration system. Here’s some more info on what the number is all about and how to get yours.

The RIN number is a new system that the o2cm organizer put into place because of the problem with the same people being registered numerous times.

For example, in one memorable case at last year’s Delta Cup, a pro was registered separately by each of his students so the system thought it was several men all with the same name. We caught most of these manually but missed two of them and that resulted in him being scheduled to dance in the same heat he was already in.

Mixed proficiency events also run into this frequently, because one boy may be entered separately by each of his partners, leading to the same boy being treated as different boys by the system. This happens constantly and has been a headache for years.

The solution was the RIN number which assigns a unique ID to each and every competitor.

The organizer can override the need for a RIN number but this should only be done in extreme cases. For anyone who competes regularly, it’s pretty important to get your RIN number so that you are set for all future competitions that utilize o2cm.

Of course, we are aware that the NDCA made a decision a few years ago to ban o2cm from NDCA-sanctioned competitions. That ban doesn’t apply to Canadian events so a number of NDCC events do use this excellent registration and scrutineering software.

Each competitor needs their own number. It’s super easy to get and only takes a few seconds. Just go to competitor.o2cm.com and register with your Email address. People in the same household can all register under one Email address. The system then sends a confirmation Email. Just click the link in that Email which completes the process. You’ll see your RIN number and can pass it along on your entry forms or online entries.

When a competitor such as a Pro/Am amateur partner or Mixed Proficiency partner adds an entry, they can just enter their partner’s RIN number or do a search and the right person will automatically be selected, with no potential for the system to assume the same person is someone else.

It’s a small amount of hassle now because this is new, but it will save hours of headaches long into the future.

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