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A big thank you goes out to Ning and John Archer for their Platinum Sponsorship of Delta Cup. An elegant couple, the Archers have been actively helping to support the growth of ballroom dancing in the Metro Vancouver area for many years.

At a dance-related cocktail party some time ago, I spoke with Dr. Archer about the immense value ballroom dancing offers to children. As a pediatrician, he is passionate about ways to help kids develop into socially and physically healthy adults. We discussed how ballroom dance is one of the best ways to do this, and I discerned that his views closely mirrored my own. He has an appreciation for the “civility” of dance, the way that it promotes healthy character and relationship development. As the only athletic activity with 100% gender parity, ballroom dance competition is made up of teams of two. Boys and girls learn to work together in a healthy way to achieve new goals, work through challenges and disappointments and grow in their understanding of each other’s needs and unique qualities. At the same time, they enjoy an active lifestyle.

We are deeply grateful for this generous sponsorship, which enables us to do things like the mini trophies that kids appreciate so much each year. Even though they are tiny and all the kids know that they aren’t quite the same as the large winner’s trophies, they give them a sense of having achieved something significant. This is especially important for boys, whose friends receive trophies for their involvement in other sports. In contrast, those in ballroom dance competitions, especially in the Juvenile and Junior age groups, almost never get the chance to strive for a trophy. Gifts like these offer vital support for Delta Cup, helping to cover the huge costs involved.

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