Registration now available

You may register with downloadable forms or online. Delta Cup uses o2cm for online registration. US professionals should note that while the NDCA does not permit use of o2cm, there is no such limitation in Canada and it is a popular system used by many competitions.

Be aware that o2cm now requires a unique RIN number which can be quickly generated and will be your unique identifier for all events you enter using that system. This system eliminates the common problem of having the same competitor registered more than once by different partners. To get your RIN number, visit

Online Entry now available!

Complete entries online at o2cm. NDCA professionals please note that we are NDCA-friendly. In Canada there are no restrictions on using o2cm for registration or scrutineering so please feel free to register online using this system.

All competitors using the o2cm system must now get a unique RIN number assigned in order to register for any competition using this system (this will be your permanent number for all events in the future). Visit to assign your RIN number.

Register Online

You may use the downloadable forms if you prefer to print and fill them out to send in by mail or scan and send them by Email to

Entry fees apply for all participants. Note that Amateur Newcomer events in all age categories are completely free of entry fees, as a way of encouraging dancers to try competition. Please see the Competitor Information page for details about age designations, costuming and other rules.

Pro/Am: Entry fees vary with type of event. Studios and instructors may mark up Pro/Am entry fees to compensate for their loss of revenue while attending a competition. We support this practice because it’s fair, as teachers attending the competition lose their teaching revenue.

Competitor Entry Tickets

Competitors MUST purchase a weekend competitor pass, in addition to entry fees, for access to the ballroom. We have lowered the price of the pass to keep your entry costs to a minimum. You may choose to upgrade to reserved front-row seats for a small fee. Please contact us to discuss this option if you are interested in seating.