Thank you for your interest as a Volunteer!

Delta Cup brings the excitement of ballroom dancing to the community of Delta. The event draws attention and interest on a worldwide level, and brings competitors from across Canada and the USA. To be successful, this event depends on a team of dedicated volunteers who contribute their skills and enthusiasm to the event. We need you!

We invite you to participate. Each shift requires more than a dozen volunteers, so the need is great. With many helpers, each person has a small job to do. Choose from daytime or evening times so that you can attend during the other times, or help out for both daytime and evening shift if you wish. Complete the form below to sign up as a volunteer.

  • Tell us a little about yourself

  • If you're under 19 you can still help! Those under legal age can't serve in some positions due to legal and liability limitations.
  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteers are expected to stay for complete shifts. Indicated shift times are intended as guidelines only and will vary depending on the role. A dress code applies to most positions and shifts.
  • Waiver

    By completing this form, I acknowledge and agree that the producers of the Delta Cup DanceSport Gala (the “competition”), and its directors, committee members and other volunteers, along with their respective agents, successors and assigns, will not, in any circumstances whatsoever, be responsible for any loss, injury, cost of damage suffered or incurred by the volunteer, or for any liability to which I may become subject as a result of acting as a volunteer at the competition.

    I confirm that I’m in good health and good physical condition, and as such am physically capable of serving as a volunteer at the event, and I understand that there is the potential that serving as a volunteer at the competition could result in physical injury.

    I understand that there is a dress code and I agree to dress appropriately as a representative of the event. I also give permission for the use of my name and picture in broadcasts, photographs, telecast or written accounts of the competition.