Show your support through Sponsorship

Delta Cup is a high quality event with a significant budget. We do not make a profit from this event. Costs exceed revenue, as we strive to keep the event affordable for audience and competitors alike. Sponsorship helps to offset the costs of bringing in high quality judges, providing a professional showcase, paying for medals, insurance and the many other costs involved.

Your sponsorship helps raise the bar for Delta’s involvement in a global field of dance competitions. Your support helps put our event on the map and encourages dancers of all ages. You give them purpose and hope. You drive them forward to greater ability and higher achievement.

With demographics that represent the most desirable of all consumers, it’s an opportunity for your organization to make a lasting and profitable impression. Dancers understand the value of sponsors and work hard to support those who stand behind their chosen activity.

Be a part of history. We invite you to sponsor the Delta Cup.


Contribution: $1000+

Delta corporations that wish to be recognized as leaders in the region may choose to be Platinum Sponsors of Delta Cup. Your involvement at this prestigious level of support gives your brand exposure in a variety of ways:

  • Frequent mention by MC as a Platinum Sponsor during the event, as well as recognition before and after, including media interviews
  • Full-page color advertisement in the Delta Cup souvenir program
  • Logo and website link featured on the Delta Cup website
  • Large full-color graphical banner with your message and logo hanging prominently in the venue during the Delta Cup event
  • Opportunity to present medals during the event
  • Two VIP reserved front-row seating weekend passes
  • Sponsorship certificate suitable for framing
Platinum Sponsorship is limited to a maximum of 6 sponsors


Contribution: $500+

  • Verbal recognition by MC as a Gold Sponsor during the event
  • Recognition in the Delta Cup souvenir program and website
  • Two VIP reserved front row seats for the evening of your choice
  • Chance to present medals to event winners
  • Sponsorship certificate suitable for framing


Contribution: $300+

  • Verbal recognition by MC as a Silver Sponsor during the event
  • Recognition in the Delta Cup souvenir program and website
  • Sponsorship certificate suitable for framing
  • One VIP reserved front row ticket to the evening of your choice


Contribution: $200

Note: Trophies for NDCC BC Closed Championships are more distinctive, and thus more costly, than the regular trophy cups. Sponsorship for BC Closed trophies is $250

Recognition is an integral part of athletic activity. Knowing that trophies will be given out increases competitor involvement and enhances the reputation of the entire competition.

Trophy sponsors are needed for every major competitive event at the Delta Cup. Your sponsorship provides a stunning large perpetual trophy that gets seen and admired year after year as new winners take home their treasured symbol of success and bring it back the next year so that it can be given to a new winner. Your name is featured on the engraved plate for the event you’re sponsoring.

Trophy sponsorship funds are also used to provide medals for the top 3 placements in each major event. Participants keep these medals around for years as mementos of their progress. You gain:

  • Verbal recognition by MC during your chosen event
  • Perpetual Trophy with your name engraved on the plate
  • Recognition as a Trophy Sponsor in the Delta Cup souvenir program
  • Opportunity to give your trophy to the winners of your chosen event

Sponsor Delta Cup today and start your legacy

Our 2019 Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

Dr. John and Ning Archer

Gold Sponsors

Andy and Wendy Wong
Roger and Sherry Everett
Amar Dhillon
Chewter’s Chocolates
The Flower Shop in the Village

Silver Sponsors

The Delta Optimist
Djun Kim & Shirley Yue
Jennifer Jackson

Classic/Legacy Sponsors

Dave & Jenny Stumpo
Marnie Eastman & Joachim Fischer
Gaye Richards


Trophies add a valuable aspect to ballroom competitions because it is rewarding to walk away from an event with more than just a ribbon or medal. Delta Cup enjoys an unprecedented number of trophies thanks to the generosity of the dance community.

Perpetual Trophy Sponsorships

Juvenile Pre-Bronze Ballroom (Marnie Eastman & Joachim Fischer)
Juvenile Pre-Bronze Latin (Ian Fung)
Juvenile Bronze Ballroom (Marnie Eastman & Joachim Fischer)
Juvenile Bronze Latin (Lyndsay Passmore)
Juvenile Silver Latin (Yelena Yermolenko of Team Fitness)
Junior Bronze Ballroom (Kathleen & Paul Vanderwood)
Junior Bronze Latin (Fiesta DanceSport Club)
Junior Silver Ballroom (Roger & Sherry Everett)
Junior Silver Latin (Marnie Eastman & Joachim Fischer)
Junior Gold Ballroom (Victoria & Igor Dianov)
Junior Gold Latin (Yelena Yermolenko)
Junior Pre-Champ Latin (Ian Fung)
Junior Open Latin (Lyndsay Passmore)
Youth Silver Ballroom (Marnie Eastman & Joachim Fischer)
Youth Silver Latin (Amar Dhillon)
Youth Gold Ballroom (Dave & Jenny Stumpo)
Youth Gold Latin (Yelena Yermolenko)
Youth Open Ballroom (Marnie Eastman & Joachim Fischer)
Youth Open Latin (George & Wendy Pytlik)
Under 21 Open Latin (Gaye Richards)
Adult Newcomer Latin (Peter Crisp)
Adult Bronze Ballroom (JC Dance Co)
Adult Bronze Latin (David Marasigan)
Adult Silver Ballroom (Conant Liu)
Adult Silver Latin (Oksana Latynina)
Adult Gold Ballroom (Gillian Roberts)
Adult Gold Latin (Cathie Learmonth)
Adult Pre-Champ Ballroom (Kathleen & Paul Vanderwood)
Adult Pre-Champ Latin (George & Wendy Pytlik)
Adult Open Ballroom (Roger & Sherry Everett)
Adult Open Latin (George & Wendy Pytlik)
Senior 1 Gold Ballroom (David Huang RMT)
Senior 1 Pre-Champ Ballroom (Conant Liu)
Senior 1 Open Ballroom (Jean Holmes)
Senior 1 Open American Smooth (Peter & Helga Zankl, Anyone Can Dance)
Senior 2 Open Ballroom (Flower Shop in the Village)
Senior 3 Open Ballroom (Avalon Dance Shop)

NDCC BC Closed Championships

Note that these trophies are not specifically Delta Cup trophies. Because the championships will alternate in different age categories between Delta Cup and Sunday Funday, the trophies recognize the sponsors and the title, with no mention of the event where it was earned.

Junior Latin (Han Ly & Crystal Li, Imperial Ballroom)
Adult Ballroom (Andy & Wendy Wong)
Adult Latin (George & Wendy Pytlik)
Senior 1 Ballroom (David Marasigan)
Senior 1 Latin (George & Wendy Pytlik)
Senior 2 Ballroom (Roger & Sherry Everett)
Senior 3 Ballroom (Djun Kim & Shirley Yue)
Senior 4 Ballroom (Djun Kim & Shirley Yue)